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Algodermia has been developing exclusive formulas for over 30 years for the treatment of every skin type. Our facial product lines include:
Skin type
Algodermia solution
Dry and dehydrated skin

Visalgue Line

Oily and combination skin

Puralgae Line

Sensitive and Delicate skin

Sensitive Line

Age prevention

Algavital Line

Wrinkle relaxing

B.t.program Line

Eye contour fine lines, puffines & dark circles    


All skin types

Le Perle

Caring for your body is as important as caring for your face. Algodermia brings you an extensive selection of body products for daily care as well as specific products to target cellulite, help slim down and tone the skin.
Specific bath line. Includes all the products necessary to recreate the marine atmosphere right at home.
Marine baths invigorate, detoxify and keep you feeling fit. They not only have a pleasurable effect on the skin, but also have a beneficial influence on our entire organismů
Balneotherapy plays an important part in a number of body beauty treatments. It can be used as a starter for slimming programs or as an underlying treatment to increase their effectiveness. In both cases it is one of the easiest and most effective ways of stimulating our body and we must not forget the considerable benefits of marine baths on our total well-being. You will feel relaxed, refreshed and fit.